Building Your Career Profile with Astrology [Online Workshop]

Your astrology birth chart holds the blueprint of your life.

It shows the path of least resistance to living a life that is truly your own.

With the current unpredictable work environment, you might be wondering what your career or job should look like.

Building Your Career Profile with Astrology [Online Workshop]

In 'Building Your Career Profile with Astrology' online training, you will learn how to identify and interpret the astrological indicators of

  • Your ideal career
  • Your ideal daily work
  • Your skills or talent

With the information and worksheet, you'll be able to build a career profile that is unique to you.

✔️This training is for you✔️

  • If you are considering a mid-career switch and want a framework to work with.
  • If you want to build your own dream career
  • If you are curious about how to apply astrology to your career and work

❌This training is not for you❌

  • If you want to know the job that you should go for (There's no planet for "bitcoin" in the chart)
  • If you already love your job (no need to second guess what you're doing!)
  • If you prefer someone read your chart for you (I provide that too)

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