Hello from YQ from YQmagic, previously Tarot Singapore Online

This is the home base for my classes and free content.

Take a look at the freebies and paid classes!

The products are colour coded- blue for tarot, purple for astrology and yellow for others. ^_^

Available Trainings

Free Tarot Learning Library

Interested in learning tarot? You can start with these free resources. 

Investment: Free

Free Astrology Library

Getting started with astrology? Here's some free astro content for you!

Investment: Free

[Training] Answering Yes / No Questions with Tarot + Case Studies

Learn how to interpret Yes/No questions with clarity. Includes 9+ case studies that demonstrate the method.

Tarot Fundamentals Intensive (Online Training)

From Newbie to Confident Tarot Reader. Forever access to the class.

Investment: S$297

Tarot From Zero course

Tarot From Zero training to help you get started with tarot. You'll learn how to pick the best deck for yourself and how to start reading cards.

Kickstart Your Tarot Side Hustle

Turn your tarot reading skills into additional income without quitting your full time job.

Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting A Tarot Reading

Free mini lesson on the steps to conduct a tarot reading.

Your Ideal Partner Based On Your Birth Chart

Free Video Training on How To Find The BF/Husband or GF/Planets in Your Birthchart

Investment: Free

Tarot for Self-Coaching Training

Learn how to use tarot cards for self-coaching so you can connect with your intuition for self-discovery and guidance.

New Moon Goal Setting Worksheet + Instruction

Ready to attract what you want into your life? Get the New Moon Goal Setting worksheets and learn how to use the new moon for goal setting and manifestation.

Investment: Free

Free Tarot Pre-Workshop Training [Limited Time]

Preparation class for my tarot students. Take a look at my teaching style.

Investment: Free

[July 2024] Tarot Fundamentals Intensive [In-Person Workshop]

Solidify the foundation of your tarot knowledge in a day

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