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Getting Ready for Venus Retrograde: Online Training

Venus Retrograde will be from 19 December 2021 to 29 January 2022.

It occurs once every 1.5 years--unlike its cousin Mercury retrograde that's around four times a year.

Venus Retrograde won't affect every one. (Check out my Venus Retrograde calculator to see if it'll affect you: https://helloyq.com/venusrx]

If it does affect your chart and you'd like to see how it might unfold in your life, join this training.

This is a technical training (you'll need to do some of the work instead of just listening to the lecture) to help you understand how Venus Retrograde hits your chart.

In the training, we will cover

1. Venus Retrograde in the houses: How it'll show up in your life
2. How Venus Retrograde affect the planets it hits: How it'll affect the ways you take action
3. (Intermediate) Aspects Venus Retrograde makes to the planets and how it'll play out: Is the effect internal or external, how might it appear?

With this training, you'll also be able to help your friends and family with their Venus Retrograde experience too.

Who is this for:

  1. People who are affected by the Venus Retrograde (Use this calculator to find out https://helloyq.com/venusrx
  2. People who want to learn astrology 


The pre-recorded training materials will available from December 4, 9am.

After watching the training, you can submit your questions. I'll answer them in a Q&A on December 12, 8pm on a Google Meeting call.


Seat for one - S$47
Seat for one + 30 minute Venus Rx consultation (5 spots available) - S$127

Questions? Let me know on Instagram @yqmagic

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