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This Is Why You're Single

This Is Why You're Single

Using psychological astrology (PA) profiles, in this class, I reveal the blocks to relationships--whether it is getting into one in the first place or staying in a relationship.

There are a total of 25 profiles and five of them relate to relationship and affects both genders. I'm speaking on ll be only speaking of these five profiles.

These barriers show up before you start a relationship and even during a relationship. Most of the time they happen subconsciously and until it is pointed out to you, you might not even know it!

Here's the intro video

3 Modules

This Is Why You're Single

Welcome to the recording of the online class of 'This Is Why You're Single: Recognizing Self-Sabotaging Patterns in Relationships Through Psychological Astrology Profiles'

Bonus Video! Venus in The Signs

A bonus video for participants to find out what Venus signs are about.

Upgrade for Your Psychological Astrology Profile

Top up $25 to get your personalised Psychological Astrology Profile. (Plotted manually by YQ)

This helps you pinpoint which Venus PA you have.

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