This Is Why You're Single [Relationship Astrology Training]

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This Is Why You're Single

Welcome to the recording of the online class of 'This Is Why You're Single: Recognizing Self-Sabotaging Patterns in Relationships Through Psychological Astrology Profiles'

Bonus Video! Venus in The Signs

A bonus video for participants to find out what Venus signs are about.

Upgrade for Your Psychological Astrology Profile

Top up $25 to get your personalised Psychological Astrology Profile. (Plotted manually by YQ)

This helps you pinpoint which Venus PA you have.

This Is Why You're Single [Relationship Astrology Training]

Using Venus psychological astrology (PA) profiles, in this class, I reveal the blocks to relationships--whether it is getting into one in the first place or staying in a relationship.

There are a total of 25 profiles and five of them relate to relationship and affects both genders. I'm cover five profiles that relate to Venus.

These barriers show up before you start a relationship and even during a relationship. Most of the time they happen subconsciously and until it is pointed out to you, you might not even know it!

Here's the intro video

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